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FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle Review

Is the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle Worth Buying

Designed for those looking to increase their daily water intake, the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle is an infuser water bottle that allows you to flavor your water in a 100% natural way. The FruitFused Infuser Bottle is a 28-ounce water bottle that features a basket for your favorite fruits and veg that sits in the water. The natural taste and goodness of the fruit and veg are absorbed by the water, giving it a refreshing and tasty kick!

Gone are the days when people had to force themselves to drink their recommended daily water intake; with the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle, you’re going to be coming back for more!

Features of the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle

The water bottle itself is robust and durable

3.3 x 3.3 x 8.5 inches
4 ounces
28-ounce bottle
Leak proof
Lifetime guarantee
BPA free Tritan copolyester
Free recipe eBook

Is the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle Worth Buying?

There are two kinds of buyers of the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle; those that already drink significant amounts of flavored water and are looking for a healthy, natural way of infusing their water, and those that are struggling to drink enough water who are looking for a helping hand. For both of these buyers, the most important aspect is taste. Fortunately, the FruitFused Infuser Bottle does what is says it will. As long as you remember to shake well and shake often, your water will be impressively flavored.

The water bottle itself is robust and durable. While some buyers are surprised by how thin the bottle is, they cannot fault the quality. This bottle will withstand quite a fair amount of punishment without so much as a chip or a dent, which is the primary concern of many buyers. It also boasts a no leak guarantee. While that should be the minimum you expect from any infuser water bottle, few competitors offer a lifetime guarantee on their bottles; FruitFused does.

The size is also generous without being very large. It should be noted that the 28-ounce capacity includes the infusion space – if the basket were packed full of fruit and veg the water capacity would be closer to 20 ounces. When it comes to recipes, the options are endless. You can either stick to your favorite flavor combinations, or you can avail of the free recipe eBook that is included. There are some tasty little gems in here that surprise.

If there were one fault of the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle, it would be that it doesn’t feature a sports cap or straw for drinking on the move. You must unscrew the lid and drink from the bottle like a cup. As a result, if you are looking for a water bottle to take jogging, then this probably isn’t the infuser for you. However, for use at home, in the car or the office, the FruitFused Infuser Water Bottle is practically faultless.

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