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Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc Kit Review

Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc Kit Review

The Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc Kit marks the coming together of two well-respected fitness and health manufacturers to offer an all in one balance and posture set that encourages better form and improved core muscle strength. Bad posture when sitting is one of the biggest causes of back problems in the western world, particularly for those who spend much of their working day sitting at a desk.

The Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc both work to promote better posture when sitting. The Lumo Lift senses when you are slumping and vibrates to prompt you to sit up appropriately, while the Balance Disc forces users to work their core muscles to maintain an upright steady balance while sitting.

Features of the Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc Kit

• Lumo Lift can be worn under clothes
• Tracks posture, calories burned and steps taken
• Includes clasps, USB cable, charger and attaching clip
• Adjustable balance disc for comfort

Is the Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc Kit Worth Buying?

One of the biggest problems for those that spend extended periods of the day sitting at a desk or computer is posture. Very few people have been trained how to sit appropriately, and as a result, offices all across the world are full of workers with back pains and problems. The Lumo Lift acts as a reminder to users. When slumping or hunching, the Lumo Lift vibrates to tell the user that they should sit up straight with their shoulders back. This gentle reminder works wonders for training the body to adopt a more proper posture naturally.

Lumo Lift + Gaiam Balance Disc Kit

Lumo Lift tracks your posture, calories burned, and number of steps taken
Balance Disc engages your core muscles
Working together, these two tools improve your posture and strengthen your core

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Additionally, the Lumo Lift acts as a primary activity monitor, tracking steps taken and calories burned during the day. The device connects easily to any number of smartphones, meaning users can just put on their Lumo Lift in the morning, go about their day as normal, and then track their activity in the evening to see how they got on. This feature is a pleasant bonus and not one that would be expected at this price.

The Balance Disc is far simpler in its approach. By sitting on the inflated disc, users must regularly make small core adjustments to maintain their balance. These minor changes are not complicated, nor are they a strain on the body, but they work to effectively build up core strength which further improves posture when sitting.

The one downside of the Balance Disc is that, while it is adjustable according to comfort, users will need their pump and needle to adjust the air levels, as there is no pump included. However, this is a minor detail and one that is easy to overlook. The Lumo Lift & Gaiam Balance Disc is a practical, affordable and comfortable way of improving posture when sitting and avoiding complex back complaints in the future.

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