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Top 5 Ideas for More Active Social Outings

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Moving from your computer chair to the outdoor air is beneficial in so many meaningful ways. And the social benefits of spending time with a group of like-minded individuals are rewarding as well. Practice the following top 5 ideas for more active social outings, and you will benefit from healthy exercise while simultaneously widening your social circle.

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1 – The University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine reported that an incredible 77% of Americans suffer from insufficient levels of vitamin D. Since just 10 to 15 minutes of exposure to the sun three times a week provides all of the vitamin D you need, why not join a local hiking club? You will be receiving the physical benefits of walking, the social benefit of hanging out with other nature lovers like yourself, and the inspirational and spiritual benefits that only a day with nature can provide.

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2 – Canoeing and kayaking are increasingly popular activities. They also require a real physical investment. Why not take the family on a lazy river canoe trip, or amp up your social outings with a challenging white water rafting excursion? You get to splash around in the water while promoting teamwork and social interaction. And a genuine enjoyment of being out on the river for the day is its own special reward.

3 – All of the above activities require being outside. But what if it is rainy? What if you cannot get outside because of snow or other inclement weather? An inexpensive and fun way to enjoy a more active social outing with your friends and family is to hit your local bowling alley. Children and adults alike can play, you will exercise body parts you forgot you had, and the camaraderie and good-natured teasing that accompanies a trip to the bowling alley are fun and enjoyable.

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4 – Geocaching is an excellent recreational activity that includes treasure hunting, high-tech and nature. There are applications you can download to your smartphone or tablet, and inexpensive GPS trackers can also be purchased as an alternative. You then head to any of the thousands of geocaching websites and choose from one of the more than 2 million listed geocaching destinations. Following the clues on the site, you track down the location where your reward is hidden. When you successfully locate the correct place, you then sign the attached logbook, and you can even leave knickknacks for the next geocacher. This makes an excellent solo or family outdoor activity.

5 – For any number of great social outings that get you active and moving, head over to You can browse meetups in your city, local area or neighbourhood, or even start your own meetup group. There are weekly, and monthly park and nature trail walks, butterfly garden trips, ice and roller rink clubs, miniature golf outings, zip line meetups and other virtually endless options for enjoying active outings with other socially driven, fitness minded individuals that live in your area.


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