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Hatha Yoga Poses For Back Pain

lower back pain exercises

One of the biggest complaints people have about body aches and pain is back pain. This can be due to your job, especially if you work in a manufacturing or labor industry. You may also have back pain due to extreme weight gain or loss, an accident, or because you are sitting for too many hours a day in a non-ergonomic environment. Regardless of the reason for the pain, there are some ways to help it. If you use yoga at all, consider these Hatha yoga poses for back pain.

Is Hatha yoga good for back pain

As you grow older, it can be a difficult task to keep up ideal health. Maybe you have noticed people point out that their body is starting to creak. As people use their limbs, muscles, and joints, you can find certainly some deterioration through the years. For this reason, it certainly rewards to stay fit. What’s more, it pays off to stretch your muscle mass out regularly, and get some healthy and balanced routine such as yoga.

Quite a few people misconceive yoga as a stretching exercise for women and artsy individuals. This is simply not the case at all. While you may not have known it, quite a few people choose yoga for back pain and daily relaxation.

Downward Facing Dog

yoga for back pain

One of the more common poses is downward facing dog. It is used in some traditions, including Hatha. The downward facing dog pose starts with your feet together and flat on the floor. You will breathe in deeply and exhale as you fold forward. Once your hands are on the floor, you will crawl outward until your body is in a triangle pose. This is the downward facing dog.

Standing Forward Bend

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You can move from downward facing dog into the next pose that is good for back pain, the standing forward bend. Walk your way slowly back up until you have your fingers on your toes and your face at your legs. You are bent over the same as you would be if you were sitting down and bending forward. Do not over strain in this position. The idea is to stretch out your back muscles. Some tension may be there, but if it does start to hurt, slowly raise up until the pain stops.

Bridge Pose

can yoga help back pain

After you have completed downward facing the dog and standing forward bend, move onto the floor on your back. You will want to sit on your knees for this pose. Once you are on your knees, slowly bend back and arch your back. You are going for a back arch that is like a bridge hump. This pose will bend your back a bit and help you to stretch muscles in a different direction and work out some of the tension that may be causing your back pain.

More and more people are afflicted by back pains as a result of actions and stress they come across daily. You might already know, stress is a key cause of body pains and aches. When you gather loads of stress, your body responds in a negative way to this psychological trouble. This leads to blood pressure level to raise, muscles to ache and skin to break out. It is incredible what a quantity of stress on your mind can influence your body. For this reason a lot of people rely on yoga for lower back pain, tension, and other difficulties in their daily lives. By exercising some simple yoga programs daily, you can really begin to help the way your body functions.

Why Doctors Are Endorsing Yoga Instead of Opioids for Lower Back Pain

The vast majority of American adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and now a major organization is recommending that doctors treat it in a new way. On Monday, the American College of Physicians released updated guidelines that urge doctors to avoid medication as the first-line therapy for lower back pain—a departure from its previous guidelines.

Instead, the organization says doctors should urge patients to use alternative therapies, like yoga, heat, exercise, acupuncture, massage therapy, low-level laser therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or spinal manipulation under the guidance of a medical professional before they try medication. Physicians should also tell their patients that lower back pain typically improves over time, regardless of the treatment they use.

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit a doctor in the United States, the ACP says, and about 25 percent of all American adults report these aches lasting at least one day in the previous three months.


These are the most common poses in Hatha yoga that aid in back pain and pain management. If you find you need to add more to your routine, consider seeing a Hatha yoga instructor for some one on one training. They can help you find the right poses for your needs and make sure you are executing them properly.


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