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Why Do People Use Protein Powder?

what is protein powder

It is no big mystery that most modern-day humans suffer from a pretty poor diet. The Western way of eating includes huge portions, and too many calories and carbohydrates on a daily basis. Many eat too much-processed food, and way too much sugar and salt. That is where effective supplements like protein powder come into play. By complementing your nutritional efforts, it ensures that you get enough protein in your diet.

Why Is Protein Necessary?

can protein powder help with weight loss
Protein is an absolute necessity for a healthy body. You use protein to repair and build tissue. It is also required for creating hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals which help build healthy skin, cartilage, blood, muscles and bones. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle for many means supplementing their daily eating habits with protein powder to make sure they have enough of this essential element for a healthy body.

Are There Specific Reasons That People Take Protein Powder?

Bodybuilders and professional athletes will sometimes drink protein shakes as part of their workout schedule. When the human body produces muscles, it also becomes more efficient for fat burning. Athletes that drink protein shakes can add muscle and burn fat during and after a workout at a greater rate than if they did not have that extra protein in their diet. There are also medical applications, discussed below.

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Protein Powder As a Fat Burning Tool

We just mentioned that a muscular body burns fat at a higher rate of speed than a body with fewer muscles. But protein also contributes to fat burning in another way. Aside from building muscle, protein is absorbed into your body slowly. This means after drinking a shake, smoothie or juice which contains protein powder; you feel full for a longer period than if you did not add protein to your beverage. This causes you to eat less throughout the day, contributing to fat burning and weight loss.

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Medical Applications

Your doctor may subscribe whey or soy protein powders as a dietary supplement. Protein powder may also be recommended as a treatment for some allergic skin symptoms in children. Whey protein is often suggested as an appetite suppressant, and in older men and women, it significantly boosts amino acids and strength-building muscle. Some research shows that protein can positively impact incorrect blood sugar and insulin ratios, though health professionals agree that more research is needed to catalog the long-term effects.

Of course, with moderation

If there is one thing in the sport of bodybuilding that is as common as weight training, it is the use of supplements. No supplement is more widely consumed than protein powder. The powders of choice among mainstream bodybuilders are whey and casein, which are proteins derived from cow’s milk. In fact, these are the substances of choice for most protein powder consumers worldwide.

Athletes from all walks of life embrace the consumption of excess protein under the assumption that more is better. Many companies (and entire industries) have gone to great lengths to convince the public that they need to seek out high protein foods and consume as much protein as possible, without any consideration of the health consequences that accompany excess consumption.

The focus on consuming large amounts of protein is so engrained in our culture, there are often warnings given out by friends and relatives of those following a plant-based diet that protein will be hard to come by without consuming animal products. That is another way protein supplements squeeze their way into the diets of citizens everywhere, through the unwarranted fear that we won’t get enough of this specific nutrient, suggesting whey and casein as plausible aids in this quest.

If we have special protein powders created from cow’s milk for human consumption, it would only make sense that it must be because our society sees a very high rate of protein deficiency. But, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, a protein deficiency is almost unheard of in America and only exists in someone who does not consume adequate calories. The reason this is so, is because of the macronutrient make-up of food.

Food is only made up of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and water (and sometimes alcohol). Some level of protein is present in all foods, and in significant quantities in specific types of foods such as beans and other legumes, nuts, seeds, leafy green vegetables, other vegetables and grains. The amount of protein required by the human body (5-10% of total calories per day) is relatively low in comparison to the other macronutrients. It is therefore impossible to be protein deficient when sufficient calories are consumed.

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Professional athletes and ordinary individuals of all ages can benefit from protein powder in some ways. Since roughly 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight is recommended on a daily basis, this supplement can ensure that you give your body the muscle-building, weight-regulating, a healthy blood-producing protein that it needs, even if you suffer from a less than optimal diet.

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